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Color XY Extension Cables

This cable is a direct replacement for the stock cable used with both Amplifone and Wells Gardner K6100 monitors installed in Atari color vector arcade games.

4' (1.2M) Cable - $32.95
6' (1.2M) Cable - $37.95
8' (1.2M) Cable - $42.95

TECHNICAL NOTES: I have been asked about shielding, twisted pairs, and if this cable produces any "jitter" in the image:

1. The original Atari cable is not shielded.
2. Because I have not seen any signs of interference or jitter in the image, I do not feel that twisting the XY pairs will improve the quality of the cable.
3. Every ground has its own wire (none are tied together or "looped" to save a few cents by using fewer conductors).