USB to Arcade Control Panel Harnesses:
(10) Button + (1) Joystick Control Support - $69
(20) Button + (2) Joystick Control Support - $109
Existing/Custom Arcade Panel Conversions Starting at $39

USB to Arcade

This harness is a simple, fast solution that will allow you to build/convert your own arcade control panels with a USB interface. A custom MAME controller configuration file is provided so absolutely no manual configuration is necessary!

Connect your joystick and buttons and be up and running in minutes!

Compatibility with any device (PC, Mac, game console) that supports USB
Simple Plug And Play Install
Supports (1) Joystick and up to (10) Buttons
MAME Config: (1) Joystick, (6) Buttons, 1/2P Start, Coin/Credit, Pause
Each Set of Wires is 2' (.6M) allowing for control panels up to 4' (1.2M) wide

We also offer this as a service and will convert *any* arcade joystick/button control panel to USB. We will also provide the accompanying MAME configuration file at no extra charge!

Adapting a Defender, Asteroids, or Donkey Kong control panel to USB
Space Duel, Robotron, 2P/6-button Fighting Games to dual-USB editions
No need to modify *anything* with your existing panels!
We always create custom harness adapters - no cut wires or hacks!

Lifetime Warranty on Control Unit!